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Headquarters in Houston,Texas that sells Binding Supplies, Plastic Coil, Plastic GBC Combs, Wire-O, Velobind Stripes, Binding Covers, Clear Covers, Index Tabs, 3 Ring Clearview Binders, Roll Laminating Film, Laminating Pouches, Shrink Wrap, Roll Laminators, Pouch Laminators, Binding Equipment, Office Supplies, and School Supplies. We also offer NATIONWIDE Binding Machine Repair Services and Laminator Repair Services. We here at BSC offer the highest quality in supplies for the best price!! 

Binding Supply Company is a NATIONWIDE Dealer for binding and laminating supplies. Warehouses located across the United States for fast shipping so companies can get there supplies in a timely manner. Please give us a call if you would like a copy of a price list so you can start saving money on your supplies today!

If you have any questions or need a price list please feel free to give us a call here at our office. Hours of Operation Office is Monday - Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST.



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President- Shayne Lamar- CELL: 281-543-0783


MONDAY -FRIDAY 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



HEADQUARTERS Physical Address

15502 Highway 3

Suite #110

Webster,Tx 77598


Binding Supply Company supplies are in these categories listed below

Binding Supplies- We carry the all types of binding supplies in the highest quality from Plastic Coil, Plastic GBC Combs, Wire-O Binding, Velobind Stripes, Screw Post, Fastback Tape, Accubind Tape, and much more! Our #1 Seller is Plastic Coil which we can MAKE up to 50 different COLORS for our customers.

Binding Report Covers- We carry all sizes of premium covers form 8.5" x 11" to 11" x 17" from your choice of Clear Covers, Matte Frosted Covers, Composition Vinyl Covers also called "Regency Leatherette Covers, Linen Covers, Sturdy Grain Covers. If for some reason you need a custom cover and do not see the color you are looking for on our site gives us a call and we can get any cover made at any color or size it is just CUSTOM. If you are looking for a special ploy cover we can get that made also it is just CUSTOM.

Copier Index Tabs- The best way to organize your reports or documents is by using our Printable High Speed Copier Index Tabs that are produced to run thru all copiers smoothly. We get so many compliments on how well our Index Tabs run thru copier machines to get them printed on. We offer all cuts form 1/3 thru 1/10 and you can get them plain paper or with the Trilar (Mylar) on the Tab that can come with 3 holes or without holes.

Clearview 3 Ring Premium Binders- Our Premium Binders come with Clearview pockets on the front, back and spine so that you can insert sheets with inside pockets and also come 3 Rings in which you can choose from Round -Ring or Slant D-Ring. BSC 3 Ring Premium Clearview binders are great choice!!!

NOTE: All Binders are Measured by the Ring Size and not by the Spine.

Laminating Roll Film- Our Lamination Film is organized in these categories starting with School Laminating Roll Film, Premium Laminating Roll Film, Wide Format Low-Melt Thermal Laminating Roll Film, and Custom Film can also be made. All of our Lamination film is picked out from ONLY our best Film sources so that our customers get the best lamination on the market. Almost all of our laminating roll film are sold 2 rolls per box.

Laminating Pouches- Our Laminating Pouches are very popular on the market today because of the quality and ease of use. Just like our Laminating Rolls we here at BSC use the best film sources so that are customers are always getting the best film for there projects. We sell all types of sizes and mil thickness from 3mil - 10mil if for some reason you need a specific pouch that you do not see on our site give us a call and we will get it for you. We also carry other supplies for our pouches like plastic loops for luggage tags and many many more!!! Give us a call!!

Binding Equipment- If you are looking for a Coil Inserter, Wire Closer, Manual Punch, Electric Punch, or something else we are the Company to get it for you at the BEST PRICE!! Our company recommends only the best machines for our customers that is why we strictly look at selling Rhin-O-Tuff machines or Akiles machines because of Quality and Price. All of our machines come with a one year warranty on parts. We also offer service techs to work and fix up your machine all across the nation at an affordable cost. If you are looking for another brand of machine we can get it for you just give us a call.

Roll Laminators & Pouch Laminator- Are roll laminators are sold starting at 40" wide format to a small 12" Laminator. The core sizes vary from a 3" core to a 1" core and can laminate from a 1.5mil thru 10mil. Are Pouch Laminators start from a 9' and sell all the way up to a 13' Laminator. All Machines come with a manufacturers one year warranty on parts.

Mounting Boards/Gator Board- We sell all Sizes of Mounting and Gator Boards starting at sizes of 25" x 37'***36"x 48"**41" x 61" and 48" x 96"


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Binding Supply Company Inc

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Webster,Texas 77598

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